FALL 1 2010 – une armée de femme!


I’m delighted to bring you the Restylish fall collection appropriately labeled “une armée de femme” (One Woman Army) The collection is Modeled by Amanda, Christine, and myself. Inspired by my love for Beretta’s, and the beautiful city of Paris. As my second language is french I dipped in it a bit.

For this season, I wanted to evoke visions of a confident woman maintaining a fine balance between life. A sweet and sexy manipulating man-eater. We don’t only win battles we win wars. Welcome to my battle field (life).

Presenting the tasty lookbook consisting of tees, skirts, dresses, pants, shorts, accessories, crew-necks and more.

Shot By: Anthony Tran & Brian Okoye
Styled By: Myself & help by the lovely Cydni Davon
Make up By: Make me up labs
Jewelry By: Restylish